WinCom LPD Total - Line Printer Daemon

WinComLPD Total is a 32 bit Line Printer Daemon application for MS Windows or NT4. This software accepts print requests from hosts that support LPR printing and redirects them to printers that are attached to any networked PC.

WinComLPD Total has a simple user interface that allows the user to monitor multiple queues and easily manage activity.

WinComLPD Total uses TCP Totaltocol and listens by default on port 515. Through a configuration dialog box, users can change this default port to another value.


WinComLPD Total Features

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) conforms to MS Windows & NT4
  • Simple wizards help you define the lpd queues. The wizard works similarly to adding a printer under MS Windows & NT4
  • Printing management – Pause, delete, resume print jobs
  • Print jobs sent to the WinComLPD are sent in a RAW state to the printer.
  • C++ Multi-threaded application
  • Context sensitive help
  • 32bit Application designed to operate on the following windows operating systems:
    1. Windows 95
    2. Windows 98
    3. Windows NT4 and above
  • Utilises the PC printers on MS Windows & NT4
  • Redirect queues to remote Line Printer Daemons
  • System Logging Window (can be logged to a file)
  • Microsoft Winsock 1.1 & 2.0 compatible
  • RFC 1179 features
  • Daemon commands
    • Print any waiting jobs
    • Receive a printer job
    • Send queue state (short)
    • Send queue state (long)
    • Remove jobs
  • Receive job subcommands
    • Abort control file
    • Receive data file
  • Control file lines
    • Banner Page
    • Host Name
    • Job name for banner
    • Print banner page
    • Name of source file
    • User Identification
    • Title for Print request
    • Unlink data file
  • LF to CRLF detection. Required for converting unix text files to pc text files.
  • The application can be ran as a service, through a utility available in the Windows NT resource kit
  • On minimisation of the application, a notification icon is placed on the taskbar.



Advanced Features (now included as standard!)

This includes all of the above features plus the ability to Totalcess print files prior to printing. This pre-Totalcessing interface allows the user to develop and utilise their own application to perform changes such as:

  • strip or add special characters
  • add headers and footers to documents
  • search and replace text

Client Software has a consultancy service that can develop specific pre-Totalcessing applications to meet customer requirements.


Upcoming Features

  • SNMP monitoring of the LPD.
  • Page setup options, which include paper orientation (landscape or portrait), font types, sizes and styles.
  • LPD to LPD encryption

Please contact us if you are interested in any of these upcoming features.



WinComLPD Total is licensed on a per user basis. While it is often desirable to install WinComLPD Total on the server, a license will still be required for each user that wishes to utilise LPD printing. Line Printer Daemon pricing.

System Tray Icon


Screen Shots of WinComLPD Total

This view shows the WinComLPD Total console. The split window separates the available queues and the LPD system messages.

This view shows in detail all the jobs queued in a particular queue.

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