WinCom Products

The WinCom iTunnel product is a development tool that allows two-way communication to legacy data on the mainframe.

This concept allows application developers to create 3-tier solutions quickly and easily without altering the host application.

Versions and existing features

WinCom Explorer
A 32 bit product that provides superior terminal emulation within Internet Explorer or as a separate application.

Existing and planned features

WinCom for Windows 7

A robust 32-bit emulator with a full range of emulations and transports specifically designed for MS Windows 7. WinCom for Windows 7 will also operate under Windows XP/Terminal Server 2008.

Versions and existing features

WinCom LPD Total

A 32 bit Line Printer Daemon application for all MS Windows operating systems. This software accepts print requests from hosts that support LPR printing and redirects them to printers that are attached to any networked PC.

Existing features

WinCom FTP

A fast and easy to use FTP application that can connect to multiple hosts. Provides FTP communication window, optional FTP command line interface and macro scripting.

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