WinCom Explorer - Terminal Emulation in a Browser

Client Software International has recognised the enormous growth in the use of browser technology and released WinComExplorer which allows access to host data by opening a terminal session through the browser. This is a further step in our plan to provide products that assist users to implement an intranet strategy.

As with our previous product developments the availability of WinComExplorer as a crossgrade from existing products preserves the customer's investment in Client Software products. All the functionality available in WinCom2000 has been incorporated into WinComExplorer enabling a smooth implementation of this new product. Existing users of WinCom2000 will continue to be offered version upgrades as they become available.

WinComExplorer is designed to work within Microsoft Internet and supports the following features:

  • Floating and dockable toolbar
  • Floating and dockable virtual keypad
  • Status bar information
  • Dynamic font resizing
  • TCP/IP, TN3270E, Microsoft SNA Server & NetWare for SAA transports
  • VT, 5250, 3270, Wyse-60, SCO-ANSI & DG410 emulations
  • Enhanced macro language
  • Microsoft Windows colour selector with support for colour schemes
  • Graphical drag and drop keyboard remapping
  • Kermit, Xmodem, Zmodem & IND$FILE file transfer
  • Unicode true type font
  • System Requirements: Windows® 95/98 SE/Me/NT/2000/XP/Windows Server 2003


SSH Option

WinCom Explorer with SSH is available as a separate product and supports the following features in addition to the features shown above:

  • Supports the Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol
  • SSH1 and SSH2 protocols in a single client
  • OpenSSH key format support (private key / public key)
  • OpenSSH Agent Forwarding
  • 1024 bit Encryption ciphers. SSH1 and SSH2 supports Tripple DES, DES and Blowfish ciphers
  • Data compression
  • Tested with Red Hat 7.1/7.2 (Supporting the OpenSSH, and the Non-Comercial SSH1 and SSH2 servers (


Launching a Service

This is achieved by simply selecting a service name from the Favourites list or clicking on an icon on the desktop.

Toolbar Design

The Internet Explorer toolbar is replaced by a special emulation toolbar that can be floating or docked in a variety of positions.


Two Profiles

WinComExplorer provides an Internet Explorer Profile for users who want to use the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser to connect to host applications. The second option is a MS Windows Profile which allows WinComExplorer to operate without the use of a browser.


Screen Shots


The above screen shot shows the floating toolbar and font colour selection using the Microsoft Windows colour selector. The text below each item on the toolbar can be toggled on or off and the toolbar can be customised using the drag and drop toolbar editor.

A customisable virtual keypad can also be floating, docked or hidden.

This screen shot shows the Macro editor and graphical keyboard remapping tool.The graphical Macro editor provides simultaneous access to multiple Macros for cut and paste editing between Macro functions.

Keyboard remapping can be performed using a simple drag and drop operation. An integrated keyboard reporting tool summarises the key top mappings that have been selected. Keyboard templates for all supported emulations are included with WinComExplorer.

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