WinCom for Windows 7

A fully functional 32-bit emulation product designed specifically for Windows for Windows 7 and incorporating a rich Macro Language. WinCom for Windows 7 will also operate under Windows XP/Terminal Server 2008.

SSH Option

WinCom for Windows 7 with SSH is available as a separate product and supports the following features in addition to the features shown below:

  • Supports the Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol
  • SSH1 and SSH2 protocols in a single client
  • OpenSSH key format support (private key / public key)
  • OpenSSH Agent Forwarding
  • 1024 bit Encryption ciphers. SSH1 and SSH2 supports Tripple DES, DES and Blowfish ciphers
  • Data compression
  • Tested with Red Hat 7.1/7.2 (Supporting the OpenSSH, and the Non-Comercial SSH1 and SSH2 servers (


Emulations Transports
TTY Asynchronous (v3 & v4)
VT100 TAPI Support (v5 only)
VT220 Novell NetWare for SAA (TN & IPX/SPX)
VT320 (v3 & v4) insock TCP/IP support
VT420 Microsoft SNA Server
ANSI Colour Novell NetWare for DEC (v3 only)
SCO-ANSI Novell NetWare for AS400 (v3 only)
AT386 Multires ALC (v3 only)
Prestel / Videotex (v3 & v4) Pathworks LAT (v3 only)
DG410 Meridian SuperLAT (v3 only)
DG210 Novell Virtual Terminal (v3 only)
yse-60 INT 14 (v3 only)
IBM 3278 mod 2,3,4,5 NAC/NASI (v3 only)
IBM 5250 UB-NETCI (v3 only)
Tektronix 4014, 4105, 4109 (v3 & v4) PC-Support / APPC (v3 only)
Adds Viewpoint (v3 & v4) TN3270E (v5 only)
BT M1779 (v3 & v4) Novell Lan Workplace (v3 only)
Kipper (v3 & v4)
Fujitsu 6680

Key Features
Macro language Column Cut and paste
FTP Client Screen Colour mapping
Keyboard mapping Automatic scrollbars
Passthrough Printing Customisable Menu
Transfer Protocols (Kermit, X,Y,Z modem, Text) Autoclose
Unicode True Type (TTF) and Bitmap Fonts Autopaste
Dynamic Font resizing AutoLaunch
DDE Capabilities Intelligent Mouse
Frozen Windows Hot Spotting
Review Windows Auto Column Parsing
Automatic Mode Swap RTF Support
Graphical Keyboard Map Session record and playback
Toolbar Icon Assignment
Floating Keypad Flash Icon on data
Dynamic Soft Keys Printer & Font selection
Auto Update Screen Context sensitive help
IND$FILE file transfer Scrollong History Buffer

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